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New sets of things

Published by 06.09.2020 00:00:00

  • 5 new sets of ammunition (set, weapon, shield) have been added to the game, one for each race. In terms of protection, new sets are analogous to named sets. The cost of new kits is twice as high as the last current kits. Every month (except the first one) for six months, the cost will fall by 5% (only 25%). If you have collected a set of 5 things (in mg 4), it is given a +1% DD if optional worn weapons from the same set, then +1% DD if additionally wearing the shield from this set, then +1% DD, to result in a new set+shield+weapon from the same kit will be similar to the name Seth. Top weapons have ~5% higher damage (for each class individually, it can be less or slightly more). Also, within 30 days, it is allowed to exchange a named set for a top set from the store (only set for set).
  • Changed the design of the game interface;
  • Fixed rendering of the Loren Deep map in Full HD resolution mode;
  • At Chaos Castle, at least 2 participants are required to start the event successfully;
  • on the Refuge map (where the Dark Elf lives required for successful completion of 3 professions, part of Balgass of Barracks) , every 5 minutes there will be an automatic ejection from the map of the character located there.
    This is necessary to give the opportunity to pass the profession to others who want to, because at the same time there can be 1 player on the map;
  • Increased monster regeneration speed during Loren Deep Event, instead of 5 seconds, now 1. Also increased the number of monsters.
  • Reduced clicker spread for MG, used to be able to run after the cursor;
  • < li>fixed visual display of arrows for recent elven bows;
  • Fixed rendering of the Golden Archer window (text with quests overlaid on top);
  • Fixed camera operation after switch character.


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