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Party search system via interface menu

Published by 28.09.2020 00:00:00

  • Implemented the party search system. Now you can announce the search for a suitable character, class, or level, without having to be at the computer. By setting the Auto Acceptsetting, admission to the party will be automatic, the participant can leave, another person can take his place, and so on. If you need to control who wants to join, then don't enable the Auto Accept option. Additionally, you can set a password, allowing only for example guild members, to whom you will tell the password. You can also find a suitable party by viewing the list of available ones and clicking on the Join button. To open the search interface for parties or participants, press the English L key. A more detailed description of the party search engine and its participants is available in the FAQ.
  • Significantly improved Magic Gladiator, gives a decent rebuff to DL'y and BK (relative to SM'a so far only defense), both in defense and damage, according to our test duels (in the latest sets of both characters), the chances are equal (taking into account the Frost Fire skill). More specifically:
    1. Frost Fire adds +15% DD instead of +5% (since MG doesn't have a helmet, which is an 11% DD loss). Recall that the Frost Fire action is automatically activated for 30 seconds after a successful damage to the character with the Fire Slash skill.;
    2. +25k to HP, instead of 15k;
    3. Physical damage increased by 50%.
  • The Ashcrow, Eclipses, Iris, Glorious, and Valiant line of sets has increased protection according to their cost in the store (their cost has not changed).
    Previously, the cost of sets did not correspond to protection. Now, for example, the Ashcrow set is better than Great Dragon, but worse than Dragon Knight (previously it was worse than GD), also with the remaining 4 sets;
  • Information about the last exp gained for killing monsters has been moved from the chat area to Hunting info, called Last exp. received;
  • Information about the last zen picked up (Zen obtained ...) was moved from the chat to Hunting info, called Last zen obtained;
  • Removed the message "you have reached a maximum level" from the chat area when you reach level 400;
  • In the MURRED MENU (English A in the game) added buttons to transfer the character to Offline trading;
  • Increased the range of drawing monsters and characters. The Draw distance option has been added to the game settings (F9). The higher the value, the larger the drawing area of monsters and characters.;
  • Fixed sma strike sound;
  • The cells of the game interface have become brighter;
  • Ignoring a click when opening the clicker menu window on F9.

All changes will take effect after the server reboot, which will take place tomorrow (29.09.2020).


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