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Elf Upgrade

Published by 15.12.2020 18:29:20

  • Improved elf:
    • Elf damage increased by 1.8 times;
    • Elf no longer pauses attack when receiving Reflect damage;
    • Elf's Attack rate increased by 7.5 times, miss will now fly much less often;
    • Fixed visual lags in Blood Angel Bow, when attacking with Unicorn, Fenrir, no arrows, at a distance, automatic replacement of arrows.
  • Added description of buffs
  • Fixed saving clicker settings;
  • Slightly changed the quest browser interface, changed the location of buttons and added a background with the ability to turn off;
  • Fog is automatically turned on when using the camera or Z view of the character even if it is not turned on in the launcher. Turns off after 5 seconds if you turn off the camera;
  • The sound of the anvil in Lorencia is quieter! (the most important part of the update);
  • Lorencia is covered with snow;
  • Some internal modifications on the site.
Server restart is scheduled for 12/10/2020 in the evening.


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