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We are glad to present you the next update! In this upgrade, we tried to make the game more comfortable for beginners, refine the old problems received from your feedback on the forum and add new ones!

Published by 05.04.2021 12:40:49

We are glad to present you the next update! In this upgrade, we tried to make the game more comfortable for beginners, refine the old problems received from your feedback on the forum and add new ones!

Improvements for beginners:

  • For beginners, a system of increased experience is introduced, depending on the reset;
    • 0-9 reset: +50% EXP
    • 10-19 reset: +45% EXP
    • 20-29 reset: +40% EXP
    • 30-39 reset: +35% EXP
    • 40-49 reset: +30% EXP
    • 50-59 reset: +25% EXP
    • 60-69 reset: +20% EXP
    • 70-79 reset: +15% EXP
    • 80-89 reset: +10% EXP
    • 90-99 reset: +5% EXP
    • 100 + reset: +0% EXP
  • Now each newbie gets 1000 points at the start, with each reset this number decreases by 200, by 5-the reset will have 0 points;
  • Elf Helper now gives buff up to level 400 on 0 reset. With each reset, the maximum level decreases by 10. That is, after 40 resets, the player will not be able to get a buff;
  • For players with more than 100 resets, the Arena becomes only for visiting (you can not kill players or monsters).
  • New level 6 and 7 gold monsters have been added to the game. The Golden Death Tree is the next level after the Golden Tantallos and appears on the Aida map.
  • Golden Dreadfear - the most powerful of the golden kind and appears on the Kantru Remain map. The drop from Kundun Box +6 and +7 is described below;
    For Golden Tantallos, the protection is reduced, for Kundun Demon (from Kalima 7), HP is added to match the other bosses.
  • Changed the drop of many bosses:
    • Box of Kundun +6-C Grade Weapons, C Grade Kits, Condor Stone, Scroll of Fire Scream;
    • Box of Kundun +7-B Grade Kits, C Grade Weapons, Condor Stone, Scroll of Fire Scream;
    • Erohim - A Grade sets, B Grade sets, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck (removed simple items);
    • Nightmare - A Grade shields, A Grade kits, B Grade Weapons, B Grade kits, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck;
    • Dark Elf - A Grade shields, A Grade kits, B Grade weapons, B Grade kits;
    • Balgass - S Grade of weapon, A Grade of weapon;
    • Kundun Boss - S Grade shields, S Grade kits, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck.
    Description of gradations
    • S Grade:
      • weapons: Valhalla Sword, Storm Wing Sword, Hell Lord Scepter, Blood Angel Bow, Dark Devil Staff;
      • shields: Valhalla Shield, Storm Wing Shield, Hell Lord Shield, Blood Angel Shield, Dark Devil Shield;
      • kits: Valhalla, Storm Wing, Hell Lord, Blood Angel, Dark Devil.
    • A Grade:
      • weapons: Sword Breaker, Rune Bastard Sword, Frost Mace, Absolute Scepter, Stryker Scepter, Dark Stinger Bow, Ary Lin Bow, Deadly Staff, Imperial Staff, Merlin Staff, Lorien Staff, Minas Morgul Staff;
      • shields: Crimson Glory, Salamander Shield, Frost Barrier, Guardian Shield, Cross Shield;
      • kits: Titan, Brave, Stoke, Phantom, Sentinel, Ancient, Paewang, Hades.
    • B Grade:
      • weapons: Bone Blade, Explosion Blade, Solay Scepter, Syphid Ray Bow, Grand Viper Staff;
      • kits: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylpid Ray, Volcano, Sunlight.
    • C Grade:
      • weapons: Knight Blade, Dark Reign Blade, Day Breaker, Sword Dancer, Shining Scepter, Albatross Bow, Platina Wing Staff;
      • kits: Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Valiant, Glorious.

  • Fixed an anti-reflex bug where one character could attack another without tripping over the reflex;
  • In guest mode, they are divided into two separate rights to prohibit / allow the use of Fenrir/Horse, also added separate rights for the ability to write to the chat: normal/private/global/guild/alliance/party;
  • In the quest system, an automatic transition to the next stage of quests is added when the previous one is completed. When creating a character, the first quest will be selected immediately;
  • Implemented a ban on selling items (wings/weapons/costume jewelry) to a store with 4 or more options;
  • The prize from Mystical soldier now drops out with a 100% chance;
  • Changed the conditions for creating a guild. Removed the credit requirement. The character must have at least 10 resets and 10kkk zen on the web chest.
  • When passing the reset, a switch is now made instead of a relogin;
  • You can leave Christmas Hunt, but you can't return during the event. The teleport to Santa Town does not work during the event.
  • In-game settings, the maximum number of FPS (number of frames per second) has been increased to 60. Now various kinds of effects will be reproduced more smoothly;
  • Implemented a mini-map that displays the location of your character, as well as game NPCs and portals. The map opens with the Tab key;
    Minimap Mu Online
  • Changed the dynamic splash screen when entering the game;
    Mu Online loading screen
  • Using the F12 key, it became possible to switch between several game windows;
  • Improved anti-lag mode, added new options;
  • Fixed display of messages in the tray when reaching level 395/400 and killing;
  • On the Loren Market map, the anti-lag mode is automatically enabled;
  • The Dark Horse (used by Dark Lord'om) has been given back its original dark skin;
  • Fixed a bug where some players did not transfer Stone from the chest to the site;
  • Fixed the Zen lifting sound, previously, sometimes the sound could be played as when lifting a stone.
Server restart is scheduled for 05.04.2021 at 17: 00


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