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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

Pickle x1000

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Character CONFLICT

Information about things is hidden, because character has 1st wave

Basic information is hidden because the character has a 3rd wave

Information about the murders is hidden because the character has a 4th wave

Golden Goblin Tracker
Kill Golden Goblin
Golden Titan Tracker
Kill the Golden Titan
Golden Dragon Tracker
Kill Golden Dragon
Golden Raptor Pathfinder
Kill the Golden Lizard King
Golden Tantallos Pathfinder
Kill Golden Tantallos
Balgass's killer
Kill Balgass
Monster slayer
Kill any monsters
Kill players
Get killed by other players
Member of Blood Castle
Complete Blood Castle
Devil Square member
Complete Devil Square
Member of Chaos Castle
Complete Chaos Castle
Coliseum Battle participant
Participate in the Coliseum Battle
Member of Devias Arena
Participate in Devias Arena
Break the gates of the Blood Castle
Archangel Hope
Smash the statue in the Blood Castle
Complete any day in the Daily Quest successfully
Zen Shopkeeper
Sell ??items in Offtrade for zen (in billions)
Sell ??items in Offtrade for credits
Vote for the server
Invite a friend through the referral system. The friend should get to 40 reset.


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