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Autumn update

Published by 01.10.2021 10:35:50

We are glad to present the autumn update. Some of the points were introduced already in absentia.

  • Improved prizes for Waves :
    • The number of credits has been increased on some waves;
    • A coupon with a 10-15% discount for a purchase in any store is fully issued for each in;
    • When passing from 6 to 7 waves, in the service on the site, you can choose a coupon to buy any things in the store for credits, or a coupon to install any option for weapons or ammunition.
  • Changes in the store's coupon-discount system:
    • The promo code is now cumulative with other discounts;
    • Promotional code now works once, and not many times as before;
    • The promo code can no longer be staked out, it will be considered used only in a real purchase;
    • Added coupons for the store. The coupon can be with a fixed discount (for example, -1000 credits) or interest (-15%), for credits / wmz or credits + wmz;
    • Cumulative discount, promo code and coupon are now added together. Thus, you can get an even bigger discount.
  • Items now display an additional option Damage Decrease, which is generally given from the last sets, weapons and shields, as well as from named sets;
    mu online bonus option damage decrease mu online bonus option damage decrease mu online bonus option damage decrease
  • In the arena, every two hours (starting from 8:50 to 22:50), Rena Boss appears in a random place. Rena can be knocked out of it, which are exchanged with the Golden Archer in Lorencia 130 x 126. If he has not been killed yet, then the old one remains;
    mu online rena boss
  • Fixed the function of distributing players by team in Coliseum Battle;
  • Fixed reconnect function (might not return to the game);
  • Fixed the stop of the clicker when pressing the wheel;
  • Frost Mace removed from the Balgass drop;
  • Unicorn model updated;
    mu online unicorn
  • Added three auto-picks to the clicker menu. Golden Treasure Chest;
  • On the website, on the market, the display of Dark Horse Spirit has been fixed;
  • Fixed items falling out of boxes in Blood Castle and Devil Square. Previously, sometimes, items might not drop out;
  • DS / BC boxes are given full names;
  • Reduced beams for some monsters:
    • Tarkan: Iron Wheel, Tantalos;
    • Icarus: Alcuamos, Drakan, Great Drakan;
    • Hades: Tree of Death, Forest Orc, Rider of Death, Queen of Witches, Blue Golem;
  • Rule 1.1 was amended;
  • The quest NPC has moved closer to the bar 130 x 128 (the same city is Lorencia).
  • Server restart is scheduled for 10/01/2021 during the day.


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