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Launching a new server x200!

Published by 12.02.2022 18:06:55

The launch of the new x200 server is scheduled for March18! All the details and features of the server will be described in early March.

In honor of Valentine`s Day, From February 14 from 18:00, every 30-40 minutes, the drawing will begin 40 promo codes with a discount from 7 to 14% . Promo codes provide discount on one item in the store, you need to enter the code on store page (near the "Buy" button). The promo code cannot be "staked out", it will be considered used only in the case of a real purchase. The promo code is valid until 01.03.2022 .

An update has also been prepared:

  • The game interface of achievements is implemented, opens in English. the letter K. Preparations are also underway for realization of prizes for achievements;
    achievements mu online
  • Now, for the passage of the wave, 50% of the prize in credits will be issued by a coupon for the purchase of things in the store for loans. The validity period of the coupon is 1 month (if the VIP account was at the time of passage, then 2 months). For example, the prize for the 1st wave is 1000 credits, now 500 will be a coupon and 500 credits as usual;
  • New spots have been added at locations such as: Atlans, Lost Tower, Tarkan, Icarus, Kantru 1, Kantru 2, Kantru 3. The changes are not final and I will still be corrected;
  • Fixed a bug where players with more than 100 resets could gain experience in a party while on the map Arena;
  • The option to reduce the glow of objects has been added to the anti-flag;
  • The /gz command has been returned. Now you can use the command with the addition of "k" after the digits, for example: /sz 20kk
  • On the minimap, when you hover over the spot, you can now see the drop of things that you will need in the system of sequential quests;
  • The possibility of distributing free points in Command for races other than DL is hidden;
  • The translation of the site into Latvian, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese is implemented. It is planned to add a system of offering the correct translation option for players who know one of the listed languages, for a fee in the form of credits . For example, circle the text on the site and in the popup in the offer the correct translation window, the number of credits will depend on the number of characters corrected and section on the site.
  • Improved protection against cheat programs;
Server restart is planned during the day.


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