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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

Pickle x1000

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Tomato x200 to x50 with dynamic experience is now open!
Hurry up to try out getting points for quests, achievements and resets, as well as collect things without a store!

Grand Reset Tomato x200

Published by 29.10.2022 15:34:33

For Tomato x200, a system of grand resets (they are waves) has been developed. Will be available within 1-3 days. Full description available in FAQ.
Short description:

  • Max GR: 10;
  • 5.000 initial remaining points after the 1st Wave (subsequent Waves + 5.000);
  • Additionally, each reset, points will be awarded from received achievements and completed quests according to the formula:
    (reset/150 * quest points) + (reset/150 * achievement points);
  • Prize: item (description in table) with 3 random options.
    Separately, the chance to get an item with varnish is 80%. Skill - 100% (for MG sword is issued instead of Helm);
  • Experience decreases by -5% with each wave.
We also took into account the wishes of the players and prepared an update:
  • Improved server security;
  • Christmas Hunt now gives 2 points per kill;
  • A teleport at the end of the event has been added to Christmas Hunt;
  • Increase the frequency of the Nighmare Event, it will now take place every 8 hours;
  • Auto-pickup of packs of stones and jewel of guardian has been added to Helper;
  • Helper fixed Zen auto-pickup on full inventory;
  • Chaos Castle is now available at night at 03:30 and 06:30;
  • Now when you switch/relogin/reconnect, your character will remain in the same place where it was upgraded.
    But if you are killed, the character will appear in the urban area (does not apply to Land of Trial and Barracs);
  • After selecting a character, a skill binned by 1 is automatically selected. After a reconnect, too;
  • Added missing spots to Aida: Death Tree - 2 spots, Forest Orc - 3, Death Rider - 3, Blue Golem - 2, Queen - 1;
  • Changed the freezing skill of the Witch Queen (from Adia 2), now the queen will push;
  • Splinter Wolf's skin has been changed, because because of him, SM could not cast Evil Spirit;
  • Fixed Party Search (L in game) in Land of Trial;
  • Added an informational message stating that the Arena is intended for characters with less than 30 resets (message appears when trying to attack mobs);
  • Now players can kill Rena Boss up to 50 resets instead of 30 (Rena Boss appears on the Arena map);
  • Forbidden to enter TvT and DA through NPC for characters with level below 6. Minimum - 50;
  • Increased the cost of the /post command to 100k;
  • Imp skin changed to default;
  • Introduced the ability to disable Fog in the 3D camera if it is disabled in the launcher;
  • The displayed percentage when cooking 3 wings has been fixed, it showed 40%, now it is 60% as it should be;
  • Feather drop reduced.
Some changes are already available, some will take effect on the next restart.
Regarding server crashes - we are working. Falls are still to be expected, but the vector is set and we will introduce solutions, please be understanding.
Because of this, for the time being we have decided not to introduce offline leveling on x200.
To save the state of quests, you can periodically do Switch Server (character selection).
As compensation, all players receive VIP for a period of 14 days.


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