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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

Pickle x1000

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Tomato x200 to x50 with dynamic experience is now open!
Hurry up to try out getting points for quests, achievements and resets, as well as collect things without a store!

Happy New Year!

Published by 27.12.2022 14:31:26

Happy New Year to all players!
It was not an easy year for all of us, but despite the difficulties, you supported the project and actively participated in the life of the server!
We are grateful to you and will try to continue to develop the project and increase online.
This year, we tried to make the new Tomato x200-x50 server interesting for you, and judging by the majority of reviews, we believe that our idea was a success.
Let Murred continue to be a place for new acquaintances for you, where you could escape from the routine and get a boost of emotions!

Happy New Year!

Let's make a snowman

In the center of Devias, near the Christmas tree, there is a small snowman, when you click on it you will get increased experience and zen from monsters for a period of 1 hour (a buff icon will appear on top). The more snowman, the more experience and zen will be given. To make a snowman grow, you need to collect Snowflake, which are dropped by all monsters. 100 Most Responsible and Purposeful Players receive personal rewards from 5000 Credits and 300 WMZ (on Pickle x1000) to 50 Credits, in total 50000 Credits will be drawn, watch your stats! The increased experience that players have time to accumulate before January 15 will remain for 7 days after the quest, Collecting Snowflake is beneficial for everyone!

  • The event will start from December 30, 10:00 to January 15, 23:59, taking into account breaks (written below);
  • Your task is to collect (click on an object) as many Christmas stars as possible: Snowflake;
  • Snowflake collected statistics are displayed here;
  • You can steal from other players. No waiting time to pick up an item;
  • They are collected immediately, you will not see them in your inventory, so there is nothing to transfer in the trade;
  • Dropped everywhere, but the most popular drop location among players is Blood Castle, stock up on tickets!
  • When dropped by monsters, Snowflake has a stone sound, title text color is highlighted in yellow color;
  • When picking up an item, the chat will display the current percentage of bonus experience and zen, a number grows from the number of collected items;
  • After the end time of the quest and during breaks, New Year's snowflakes will not fall:
    • December 30 from 18:30 to 22:00
    • December 31 from 12:00 to January 1 at 18:00
    • January 7 from 19:00 to 23:59
    • January 13 from 19:00 to 23:59

Boss Fight

Before the boss fight, Bad Santa will first spawn in the areas where the players are, regardless of the map (except for event maps). In the center of the screen will be written how many of them are left. Until all Bad Santas have been killed, the boss will not spawn. From every Bad Santa you can knock out small buns in the form of 40 credits. After killing all Bad Santa, Devias will appear on the map boss. The one who delivered the last fatal blow is considered the winner, his name will be announced automatically centered on the screen.
Boss killer gets 1500 Credits.

  • On Pickle x1000, the event will start on December 30 at 19:00
  • On Tomato x200, the event will start on December 30 at 20:00

Promotions and gifts

  • All players will receive a VIP for 14 days starting today (if there is already a VIP, it will be extended);
  • Increased enchant percentage in Chaos Machine until January 20th. For items without varnish +10%, for items with varnish +5%;
  • Increased experience after the quest "Make a snowman" remains for 7 days;
  • At x200, the cost of services to add options or increase the level of things became cheaper by 10% until January 20!;
  • The cost of all items in the shop has been reduced by 10% by x1000 until January 20!
  • Until January 20, when buying credits (or wmz), 10% as a gift!
  • Promo codes support has been added on x200, you need to enter the code on the page for adding an option or increasing the level of sharpening;
  • From December 28, from 12:00, every 30-40 minutes, drawing of 200 promo codes for x200 and 150 promo codes for x1000 will start, with a discount from 5 to 12%.
    Promo codes provide a discount on a single item purchase for x1000 and adding an option / increasing the level of a thing by x200. On x1000, you need to enter the code on the shop page (near the "Buy" button). The promotional code cannot be "staken out", it will be considered used only in the case of a real purchase or when using the services. The promo code is valid until 20.01.2023;
  • From December 28 at 12:30, every 50-60 minutes, New Year will be given Box to a random player. From boxing you can get top kits Dragon Knight, Venom, etc. or excellent weapons (Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, etc.) or Scroll of Fire Scream, Flame of Condor, Rare Item Ticket 4, at x1000 you can additionally get Valhalla, Dark Devil and others. Player nickname the prize winner is written in center of the screen. The prize will automatically appear in inventory, if there is room, otherwise it will fall under the character. Total will be donated 120 New Year Box. Players with less than 10 resets or who are offline, offline trading/leveling, or who have previously received a prize will not be able to receive a prize.
  • Replenishment discount is summed up with bonus refill discount and promo code. Thus, you can get a 25% discount when replenishing + 10% New Year's discount when replenishing + 10% already reduced cost of services (or things for x1000) + 12% from the promotional code, as a result, the final discount is 57%, do not miss your chance!
Compact schedule of New Year events

  • Promo codes: from December 28 from 12:00;
  • New Year Box: from December 28 at 12:30 pm;
  • Let's make a snowman: from December 30, 10:00 to January 10, 23:59, taking into account breaks;
  • Medusa Soldiers: December 30 at 19:00 on x1000 and 20:00 on x200;
  • Battle with Medusa: right after killing the soldiers;
  • PvP quests from QMs (date to be announced later, details on the forum).
The server will be restarted on 27 (possibly 28) December.


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