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QM (Quest Master) is a game master who spends game events on the server on the appointed day and time, while receiving a salary.
Submission of Applications
  1. To become a QM, you need to fill in application on the forum , after considering your candidate, if you arrange the administration, then you will be written on the forum in the topic (or in private messages) that you can submit application on the site ;
  2. Then the administration activates and assigns you a game master account, passwords will be sent to your mail (mail from the account to which you will receive your salary);
  3. Personal account has been developed for the quest masters by logging in with a QM account on the server where you conduct quests.
Title Value
Salary for 1 day of completed quests 60 credits
The period during which it is possible to transfer the day and time of the quests 7 days
Maximum winning amount of one character in one day of quests 50 credits
Maximum total winnings for one day of quests 500 credits
How many hours the account is blocked after the start of the quests 5 hours
How many hours before the start of the quests the account is unlocked 3 hours
How long can you change the QM character nickname 60 days
Maximum winning amount of one character in one day of quests 30 wmz

Personal account


  • The schedule is divided into main and current. The main one is formed by you, that is, at the beginning you need to choose 1 or 2 days and the time when you will conduct quests, please note that the system checks occupied days by other QMs and the time when it is impossible to spend (for example, Castle Siege or Cry Wolf);
  • The current schedule is formed at the expense of the main one, automatically on Sunday at 23:59.

Rescheduling or rejecting a quest

You can postpone the date of the quest or reject it, please note that the players in the quest browser display when and who will conduct quests and if you do not show up and change the quest status to "postponed" or "declined", then after 3 In such cases, we will be forced to remove you from your post, so change your status to inform the players and the administration. Also keep in mind that even if you inform and reject the quest, nothing will happen 1-3 times, but if you have such a problem all the time, there will be fines or dismissal. If you cannot spend during any period, then simply remove one or all days from the main schedule.

List of winners and salary

After completing the quests, you need to provide a list of winners in your personal account for the completed quest. The list is sent for moderation according to the template: on a separate line character's nickname;number of credits, for example:
Salary and prizes are awarded to the winners immediately after the administration checks the list submitted by you and transfers the quest status to "Completed". The salary is currently fixed 60 credits for one day of completed quests, in the future it is planned to implement a dynamic salary, depending on the number of completed quests and other parameters.

Change nickname

In your personal account, you can change the QM character's nickname, note that the nickname change is available once every 60 days;

Locking and unlocking

The game master's account is by default locked and unlocked 3 hours before the start of the quest times and automatically locked after 5 hours.
Commands and rights
The teams fall into the group and personally. In the future, it is planned to implement the automatic issuance of new rights upon reaching any conditions, for example, if you are in the QM position for a month, then you are given the right to ban your account, etc. Please note that it is forbidden to use a character's QM for selfish purposes (for example, teleport someone or give a disconnect).

СThe following QM rights exist:

  • /track Horus - teleport to Horus character.;
  • /trans Keybot 0 15 140 - teleport the Keybot character to map 0 (0 - Lorencia) with coordinates 15 140;
  • /skin Keybot 12 - change the skin for the character Keybot, 12 - skin number;
  • /disconnect Keybot - kicks the Keybot character from the server;
  • /marry Player1 Player2 - wedding of the character Player1 and Player2. The wedding ceremony is conducted by a wedding elf (game master) on the map Devias - church. For the ceremony, you must first submit an application on the forum. The groom must be at 210 x 16, the bride at 209 x 16;
  • /ban Horus 3 - blocking the account, the character Horus, for 3 hours. The ban period is measured in hours, from 1 to 24 maximum. Enter only the character's nickname. Unlocking will be automatic.;
  • /banchat Horus 3 - Blocks the chat of the Horus character for 3 hours. Unlocking will be automatic.;
  • /postfree - using the global chat, for players, becomes free.;
  • /postpayed - returns the cost of the global chat, used after the / postfree command. If you;
  • /divorce Player1 Player2 - a divorce between two characters. You must submit an application on the forum.;
  • /resetpk - clears your character from kills (you cannot remove kills from others);
  • /invite - initiates an invitation dialog box for players, with actions Ok or Cancel, those who accepted the invitation are teleported to the QM character;
Quest statuses
There are the following quest statuses:

  • Actively: will be on schedule;
  • Postponed: a new date for quests has been specified;
  • Carried out: QM completed quests, prizes awarded;
  • Rejected: QM rejected running quests;
  • Not carried out: did not take place, QM did not transfer and did not reject quests, the waiting period is over;
  • Not held (or the list of winners has not been submitted), pending: QM did not run quests on schedule, or did not submit a list of winners, waiting for a transfer or deviation from QM, or automatic completion (given 7 days);
  • Completed, verified: QM completed quests, but the list of winners has not yet been confirmed by the administratio;


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