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Создан: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

Pickle x1000

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  • Замок: ACES
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  • ТОП 1: Sleeper

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Reset - Tomato x200 [EN]Дата последних изменений: 17.11.2022

Ресет Reset Murred The reset is one of the important components of the game Mu Online. The players in the TOP 100 ranking are sorted by them. When you reach the required character level and complete the rest of the requirements, you will be able to reset.
Your character level is reset to 1, stats to base. The game becomes easier, as after each reset the number of free points increases. It can be different for each race and on each server, carefully look at the requirements of your particular server!

We recommend using reset calculator!
Where to take a reset?
The reset is performed on the server, without using the site, in the city of Lawrencia in a safe zone, you must press the Reset button (in the browser, press the O key), or type the command /reset.
Reset cost
Reset * 2.000.000 ZEN
Points per reset
  • Dark Knight gets 500 points
  • Dark Wizard gets 500 points
  • Fairy Elf gets 500 points
  • Magic Gladiator gets 600 points
  • Dark Lord gets 600 points + 25 on Command
Where should I store ZEN for reset
Zen for reset must be stored on a Web chest, you can transfer it there in the game itself by clicking on the English A and selecting Transfer Zen from the menu.
Items may not be removed, with the exception of wings and animals (fenrir, horse, unilia, etc. which are placed in the animal slot). You can remove animals in inventory or chest.
Required level
Race Number of points
SM 400
BK 400
ME 395
MG 400
DL 400
Reset delay
0 - 10 15 minutes
10 - 50 25 minutes
50 - 100 30 minutes
100 - 150 35 minutes
Reset Calculator
To calculate the Zen requirement, the number of points awarded and other useful information, You can use Reset Calculator.
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