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New golds and a comfortable start for beginners

Published by 05.04.2021 12:40:49

We are glad to present you the next update! In this upgrade, we tried to make the game more comfortable for beginners, refine the old problems received from your feedback on the forum and add new ones!

Improvements for beginners:

  • For beginners, a system of increased experience is introduced, depending on the reset;
    • 0-9 reset: +50% EXP
    • 10-19 reset: +45% EXP
    • 20-29 reset: +40% EXP
    • 30-39 reset: +35% EXP
    • 40-49 reset: +30% EXP
    • 50-59 reset: +25% EXP
    • 60-69 reset: +20% EXP
    • 70-79 reset: +15% EXP
    • 80-89 reset: +10% EXP
    • 90-99 reset: +5% EXP
    • 100 + reset: +0% EXP
  • Now each newbie gets 1000 points at the start, with each reset this number decreases by 200, by 5-the reset will have 0 points;
  • Elf Helper now gives buff up to level 400 on 0 reset. With each reset, the maximum level decreases by 10. That is, after 40 resets, the player will not be able to get a buff;
  • For players with more than 100 resets, the Arena becomes only for visiting (you can not kill players or monsters).
  • New level 6 and 7 gold monsters have been added to the game. The Golden Death Tree is the next level after the Golden Tantallos and appears on the Aida map.
  • Golden Dreadfear - the most powerful of the golden kind and appears on the Kantru Remain map. The drop from Kundun Box +6 and +7 is described below;
    For Golden Tantallos, the protection is reduced, for Kundun Demon (from Kalima 7), HP is added to match the other bosses.
  • Changed the drop of many bosses:
    • Box of Kundun +6-C Grade Weapons, C Grade Kits, Condor Stone, Scroll of Fire Scream;
    • Box of Kundun +7-B Grade Kits, C Grade Weapons, Condor Stone, Scroll of Fire Scream;
    • Erohim - A Grade sets, B Grade sets, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck (removed simple items);
    • Nightmare - A Grade shields, A Grade kits, B Grade Weapons, B Grade kits, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck;
    • Dark Elf - A Grade shields, A Grade kits, B Grade weapons, B Grade kits;
    • Balgass - S Grade of weapon, A Grade of weapon;
    • Kundun Boss - S Grade shields, S Grade kits, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Luck.
    Description of gradations
    • S Grade:
      • weapons: Valhalla Sword, Storm Wing Sword, Hell Lord Scepter, Blood Angel Bow, Dark Devil Staff;
      • shields: Valhalla Shield, Storm Wing Shield, Hell Lord Shield, Blood Angel Shield, Dark Devil Shield;
      • kits: Valhalla, Storm Wing, Hell Lord, Blood Angel, Dark Devil.
    • A Grade:
      • weapons: Sword Breaker, Rune Bastard Sword, Frost Mace, Absolute Scepter, Stryker Scepter, Dark Stinger Bow, Ary Lin Bow, Deadly Staff, Imperial Staff, Merlin Staff, Lorien Staff, Minas Morgul Staff;
      • shields: Crimson Glory, Salamander Shield, Frost Barrier, Guardian Shield, Cross Shield;
      • kits: Titan, Brave, Stoke, Phantom, Sentinel, Ancient, Paewang, Hades.
    • B Grade:
      • weapons: Bone Blade, Explosion Blade, Solay Scepter, Syphid Ray Bow, Grand Viper Staff;
      • kits: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylpid Ray, Volcano, Sunlight.
    • C Grade:
      • weapons: Knight Blade, Dark Reign Blade, Day Breaker, Sword Dancer, Shining Scepter, Albatross Bow, Platina Wing Staff;
      • kits: Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Valiant, Glorious.

  • Fixed an anti-reflex bug where one character could attack another without tripping over the reflex;
  • In guest mode, they are divided into two separate rights to prohibit / allow the use of Fenrir/Horse, also added separate rights for the ability to write to the chat: normal/private/global/guild/alliance/party;
  • In the quest system, an automatic transition to the next stage of quests is added when the previous one is completed. When creating a character, the first quest will be selected immediately;
  • Implemented a ban on selling items (wings/weapons/costume jewelry) to a store with 4 or more options;
  • The prize from Mystical soldier now drops out with a 100% chance;
  • Changed the conditions for creating a guild. Removed the credit requirement. The character must have at least 10 resets and 10kkk zen on the web chest.
  • When passing the reset, a switch is now made instead of a relogin;
  • You can leave Christmas Hunt, but you can't return during the event. The teleport to Santa Town does not work during the event.
  • In-game settings, the maximum number of FPS (number of frames per second) has been increased to 60. Now various kinds of effects will be reproduced more smoothly;
  • Implemented a mini-map that displays the location of your character, as well as game NPCs and portals. The map opens with the Tab key;
    Minimap Mu Online
  • Changed the dynamic splash screen when entering the game;
    Mu Online loading screen
  • Using the F12 key, it became possible to switch between several game windows;
  • Improved anti-lag mode, added new options;
  • Fixed display of messages in the tray when reaching level 395/400 and killing;
  • On the Loren Market map, the anti-lag mode is automatically enabled;
  • The Dark Horse (used by Dark Lord'om) has been given back its original dark skin;
  • Fixed a bug where some players did not transfer Stone from the chest to the site;
  • Fixed the Zen lifting sound, previously, sometimes the sound could be played as when lifting a stone.
Server restart is scheduled for 05.04.2021 at 17: 00



Published by 11.03.2021 14:49:36


  • Significantly increased the probability of dropping normal items with luck/skill/option, Excellent items with luck/option (with normal monsters, does not apply to bosses);
  • Normal items with a level up to +6 were removed from the drop in Blood Castle and Devil Square;
  • Blood Castle now runs every hour;
  • Fixed DS Reward Box dropping from bosses in Devil Square 6;
  • Fixed the appearance of bosses in Devil Square 5 and 6. Previously, they appeared at the same point. Now they will be in different parts of the map;
  • Removed the increase in the range of drawing monsters in Blood Castle. For Devil Square, it is limited to the maximum value-2. The increase in the rendering range, as before, can be found in the settings in the Graphics tab. To open the settings, press F9 or the gear in the upper left corner;
  • Fixed an issue where a character could attack from an urban area (requires player feedback);
  • When you reach level 400 on wave 8, the player returns to normal experience and as a result, the normal number of Zen drops. Previously, it was necessary to make a re-selection of the character;
  • The probability of dropping Excellent items from ordinary monsters is increased by 2 times;
  • Added new spots:
    • Dungeon 2 - Ghost, Hell Hound, Elite Skeleton;
    • Dungeon 3 - Poison Bull Fighter, Thunder Lich;
    • Atlans 2 - Valkyrie;
    • Atlans 3 - Silver Valkyrie;
    • Lost Tower 1 - Poison Shadow;
    • Lost Tower 3 - Cursed Wizard, Death Cow;
    • Kantru 1 - Berserk;
    • Kantru 3 - Persona, Twin Tail, Dreadfear.
  • Increased the number of monsters on the Balrog, Hydra, Death Beam Knight, Phoenix of Darkness spots;
  • Increased the number of monsters to kill in the quest system:Hydra - 200, Zaikan - 400, Hell Maine - 40;
  • Reduced regeneration time:
    • Hydra, Zaikan up to 10 seconds;
    • Death Beam Knight, Hell Main, Phoenix of Darkness up to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed incorrect display of party participants in the Party Matching window. To open the party search box, press L on the keyboard;
  • Increased probability of Silver Treasure Box dropout. In which you can find ordinary high-level items, and in some gems;
  • Added Anti-tag Mode. When activated (key Insert), the characters no longer draw wings, weapons, and related effects. This mode will be further developed
  • Added a new Health Bar for monsters. The Health Bar for bosses remains visible for another 3 seconds after the player has moved the mouse away from it;
  • In the MURRED Menu (the A button in the game), the Add Stats sub-item has been added the ability to quickly distribute Smart add stats.
    When clicked, the game automatically distributes the free skill points.
    The priority of skills depends on the class:
    • Wizard - Energy -> Agility -> Strength -> Vitality;
    • Knight - Strength -> Agility -> Energy -> Vitality;
    • Elf - Agility -> Strength -> Energy -> Vitality;
    • Gladiator - Strength -> Agility -> Energy -> Vitality;
    • Lord - Strength -> Agility -> Energy -> Leadership -> Vitality;
  • Now when you click on the score entry field in Add Stats, the previous value is deleted and the field becomes empty;
  • Added the ability to move the camera away on the Loren Deep map;
  • As the camera moves away, the clicker's scatter circle decreases. This will fix the character running away on the autoclicker;
  • Fixed Zen selection by the built-in clicker;
  • Improved the Daily Quest interface. When you click on the Reward button, a unique melody is played. Also, the chest remains closed until the reward is received. This should help players remember to collect their reward;
  • Returned the standard view of the Poison and Ice animations. They are more familiar and less slow down the game;
  • Added a clicker button near the settings button. It displays the states of the clicker F7 (right-click) or F8 (smart clicker). When clicked, you can start or stop the F6 clicker;
  • Summer Lorencia returned.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed unscrupulous players to transfer items with 4 or more options to another account. Additionally, a check was carried out for the legal location of things purchased in the store, all things were returned to their rightful owners;
  • Added protection against Disconnect Hack;
  • Improved Speedhack protection;
  • Other work has been carried out that will complicate the life of cheaters.
The server is scheduled to restart on 12.03.2021.


Happy New Year 2021!

Published by 30.12.2020 18:36:09

Happy New Year! Dear players, on behalf of the server administration, we want to wish you success in all your endeavors, and also that our resource will continue to help you pass the evenings without boredom, especially during the pandemic! Let all the accumulated problems and troubles remain in the outgoing year. Although this year was not easy, it was very productive for us. We successfully celebrated the 10th anniversary of the project, 8 major updates were published and finally the 9th current update, in which you will find a new New Year's event taking place at a new location! Also, in this update, the site has been translated to the English version and is available at, the translation is machine-made, so if you have any comments on the correctness of the translation, please inform us.

 Happy New Year!

New Year's hunting

We present to your attention a new event "New Year's Hunting". This event will be held regularly every day at 19:30, on the new map of Santa Town. Before the start of the event, everyone is invited to participate (a dialog box appears), after which you will be teleported to the winter arena (you can teleport yourself via the menu on the M key). Come all participants are divided into 2 teams, challenge your team to get as many points by collecting the dwarves (the collection takes place as the seal on the crown you can push and kill without a stage of phonomania, then the progress of the print does not happen). In total, there are 4 types of dwarves, yellow ones are given 1 point, green ones - 2, blue ones - 3, red ones-4.After successfully collecting a dwarf, it appears in another place. In total, there are 20 dwarves in the winter arena: yellow - 20, green - 15, blue - 10, red - 5. The prize is awarded to participants from the winning team, but depending on the number of points that were collected individually by you:

  • If you bring your team 150 points, you will get Rare +2, which can be exchanged for 40 Credits.;
  • If you bring your team 120 points, you will get Kundun Box +5;
  • If you bring your team 90 points, you will get Kundun Box +4;
  • If you bring your team 60 points, you will get Kundun Box +3;
  • If you bring your team 30 points, you will get Kundun Box +2.
If the teams scored the same number of points, then Rare+2 is replaced by Kundun Box +5 and both teams receive the prize.

Making a snowman

In the center of Devias'a, near the Christmas tree, there will be a small snowman, when you click on it you will get increased experience and zen from monsters for a period of 1 hour (a buff icon will appear on top). The bigger the snowman, the more experience and zen will be given. In order for the snowman to grow, you need to collect Snowflakes that fall out of all the monsters. The 100 most responsible and dedicated players will receive personal rewards from 150 WMZ to 20 Credits, a total of 26700 Credits and 500 WMZ. In addition, if the server players manage to make a snowman above the Christmas tree before the end of the event, the server administration will issue an additional reward to all players in the form of a VIP account for 20 days.

  • The event will start from December 31, 10: 00 to January 10, 23: 59, taking into account the break (from December 31, 17: 00 to January 1, 17: 00);
  • Your task is to collect (click the mouse on the item) as many New Year's stars as possible: Snowflake;
  • Statistics collected by Snowflake are displayed here;
  • You can steal from other players. No waiting time to pick up the item;
  • They are collected immediately, you will not see them in the inventory, so there is nothing to transfer in the trade;
  • Drop out everywhere, but the most popular knockout place among players is Blood Castle, stock up on tickets!
  • When falling out of monsters, Snowflake has the sound of a stone, the text color of the name is highlighted in yellow;
  • When you raise an item in the chat, the current percentage of bonus experience and zen will be displayed, the number increases from the number of collected items (this indicator is also shown on this page below).
  • After the end of the quest and during the break (from December 31, 17:00 to January 1, 17:00), New Year's snowflakes will not fall.

100 prizes from 150 WMZ to 20 Credits


    Improving the elf, description of buffs in the game

    Published by 15.12.2020 18:29:20

    • Improved elf:
      • Elf damage increased by 1.8 times;
      • Elf no longer pauses attack when receiving Reflect damage;
      • Elf's Attack rate increased by 7.5 times, miss will now fly much less often;
      • Fixed visual lags in Blood Angel Bow, when attacking with Unicorn, Fenrir, no arrows, at a distance, automatic replacement of arrows.
    • Added description of buffs
    • Fixed saving clicker settings;
    • Slightly changed the quest browser interface, changed the location of buttons and added a background with the ability to turn off;
    • Fog is automatically turned on when using the camera or Z view of the character even if it is not turned on in the launcher. Turns off after 5 seconds if you turn off the camera;
    • The sound of the anvil in Lorencia is quieter! (the most important part of the update);
    • Lorencia is covered with snow;
    • Some internal modifications on the site.
    Server restart is scheduled for 12/10/2020 in the evening.


    The party search system has been implemented.

    Published by 28.09.2020 00:00:00

    • Implemented the party search system. Now you can announce the search for a suitable character, class, or level, without having to be at the computer. By setting the Auto Acceptsetting, admission to the party will be automatic, the participant can leave, another person can take his place, and so on. If you need to control who wants to join, then don't enable the Auto Accept option. Additionally, you can set a password, allowing only for example guild members, to whom you will tell the password. You can also find a suitable party by viewing the list of available ones and clicking on the Join button. To open the search interface for parties or participants, press the English L key. A more detailed description of the party search engine and its participants is available in the FAQ.
    • Significantly improved Magic Gladiator, gives a decent rebuff to DL'y and BK (relative to SM'a so far only defense), both in defense and damage, according to our test duels (in the latest sets of both characters), the chances are equal (taking into account the Frost Fire skill). More specifically:
      1. Frost Fire adds +15% DD instead of +5% (since MG doesn't have a helmet, which is an 11% DD loss). Recall that the Frost Fire action is automatically activated for 30 seconds after a successful damage to the character with the Fire Slash skill.;
      2. +25k to HP, instead of 15k;
      3. Physical damage increased by 50%.
    • The Ashcrow, Eclipses, Iris, Glorious, and Valiant line of sets has increased protection according to their cost in the store (their cost has not changed).
      Previously, the cost of sets did not correspond to protection. Now, for example, the Ashcrow set is better than Great Dragon, but worse than Dragon Knight (previously it was worse than GD), also with the remaining 4 sets;
    • Information about the last exp gained for killing monsters has been moved from the chat area to Hunting info, called Last exp. received;
    • Information about the last zen picked up (Zen obtained ...) was moved from the chat to Hunting info, called Last zen obtained;
    • Removed the message "you have reached a maximum level" from the chat area when you reach level 400;
    • In the MURRED MENU (English A in the game) added buttons to transfer the character to Offline trading;
    • Increased the range of drawing monsters and characters. The Draw distance option has been added to the game settings (F9). The higher the value, the larger the drawing area of monsters and characters.;
    • Fixed sma strike sound;
    • The cells of the game interface have become brighter;
    • Ignoring a click when opening the clicker menu window on F9.

    All changes will take effect after the server reboot, which will take place tomorrow (29.09.2020).


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