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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

Pickle x1000

Event schedule

Server news

Tomato x200 to x50 with dynamic experience is now open!
Hurry up to try out getting points for quests, achievements and resets, as well as collect things without a store!

Grand Reset Tomato x200

Published by 29.10.2022 15:34:33

For Tomato x200, a system of grand resets (they are waves) has been developed. Will be available within 1-3 days. Full description available in FAQ.
Short description:

  • Max GR: 10;
  • 5.000 initial remaining points after the 1st Wave (subsequent Waves + 5.000);
  • Additionally, each reset, points will be awarded from received achievements and completed quests according to the formula:
    (reset/150 * quest points) + (reset/150 * achievement points);
  • Prize: item (description in table) with 3 random options.
    Separately, the chance to get an item with varnish is 80%. Skill - 100% (for MG sword is issued instead of Helm);
  • Experience decreases by -5% with each wave.
We also took into account the wishes of the players and prepared an update:
  • Improved server security;
  • Christmas Hunt now gives 2 points per kill;
  • A teleport at the end of the event has been added to Christmas Hunt;
  • Increase the frequency of the Nighmare Event, it will now take place every 8 hours;
  • Auto-pickup of packs of stones and jewel of guardian has been added to Helper;
  • Helper fixed Zen auto-pickup on full inventory;
  • Chaos Castle is now available at night at 03:30 and 06:30;
  • Now when you switch/relogin/reconnect, your character will remain in the same place where it was upgraded.
    But if you are killed, the character will appear in the urban area (does not apply to Land of Trial and Barracs);
  • After selecting a character, a skill binned by 1 is automatically selected. After a reconnect, too;
  • Added missing spots to Aida: Death Tree - 2 spots, Forest Orc - 3, Death Rider - 3, Blue Golem - 2, Queen - 1;
  • Changed the freezing skill of the Witch Queen (from Adia 2), now the queen will push;
  • Splinter Wolf's skin has been changed, because because of him, SM could not cast Evil Spirit;
  • Fixed Party Search (L in game) in Land of Trial;
  • Added an informational message stating that the Arena is intended for characters with less than 30 resets (message appears when trying to attack mobs);
  • Now players can kill Rena Boss up to 50 resets instead of 30 (Rena Boss appears on the Arena map);
  • Forbidden to enter TvT and DA through NPC for characters with level below 6. Minimum - 50;
  • Increased the cost of the /post command to 100k;
  • Imp skin changed to default;
  • Introduced the ability to disable Fog in the 3D camera if it is disabled in the launcher;
  • The displayed percentage when cooking 3 wings has been fixed, it showed 40%, now it is 60% as it should be;
  • Feather drop reduced.
Some changes are already available, some will take effect on the next restart.
Regarding server crashes - we are working. Falls are still to be expected, but the vector is set and we will introduce solutions, please be understanding.
Because of this, for the time being we have decided not to introduce offline leveling on x200.
To save the state of quests, you can periodically do Switch Server (character selection).
As compensation, all players receive VIP for a period of 14 days.


Allowed auto-pickup of jewels

Published by 06.10.2022 17:26:23

  • So, it happened! On MURRED, now auto-assembly of jewels, excellent/ancient things and parts for wings is allowed. Auto-selection is built into the game clicker. We conducted an analysis on other servers and decided that in the current realities, not many people have the opportunity to sit near the monitor 24/7, the selection of stones does not affect the balance in PvP. The game clicker is now called Helper.

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • Preset mouse cursor movement options have been added to Helper: Spot and Blood Castle. You can also save your own version of the movement. For these variations to work (Spot, BC or your own), you need to disable the "random mouse movement" setting;

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • Fixed MG "running away" from the spot when the clicker is enabled;
  • Also in Helper: The default choice of Attack Skill Slot is 1 instead of 0 (First Spell/Second Spell/Third Spell on 1/2/3). Added information on how to enable the clicker;

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • The opportunity is open VIP purchases (it is exactly the same as given in the quest system);
  • Now when you turn off the 3D camera, it does not reset. Reset as before via F11;
  • Fixed elf reset, now from level 395;
  • Replaced some necessary things in the quest system. Previously, Ashcrow and Eclipse were used, which were improved long ago and no longer fall into Tarkan and Icarus;
  • Added spots in Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Dungeon for the convenience of completing quests;
  • Offexp is in development. The readiness period is 1-2 weeks.
You need to close all windows and update through the launcher.


Opening Mu Online x200, x50

Published by 13.09.2022 12:14:42

The launch of the new server Tomato x200 to x50 with dynamic experience will take place on September 30th at 19:00!

Well, tomatoes, are you ready to ripen and arrange a massacre for a place under the sun? Turn everyone into tomato paste? The long-awaited opening of Tomato x200 - x50! We have taken into account the wishes of the players and are introducing dynamic experience from x200 to x50. Before describing the server directly, let's say that you can already check the entrance to the server by creating a character and staking out your favorite nickname (do not try to create known current nicknames of players from x1000 - nickname will be returned to the owner upon request). Previously registered players do not need to re-create an account. It is enough to remind password by email and you will receive passwords from all your game accounts.
About PR. One of these days, an advertising campaign will be launched in vk, mmotop and e-mail distribution. We also intend to involve players in advertising about the opening of the server in all popular instant messengers and social networks (telegram, vk, fb, skype, discord) among your friends and acquaintances. For such a significant contribution, players will receive a nice bonus on the new server, read more about the contest...

  1. Create a meeting on Facebook / VK or a group / chat on Skype / Discord / Telegram;
  2. Indicate the topic "Gathering friends and acquaintances for the opening of MURRED x200-x50 (";
  3. Add server description (below);
  4. Add (invite) our account to the group / chat you created;
Credits will be given out as a prize. We will count the number of real friends in your group for the next day after the server is opened, after which the currency will be issued. If you add fakes, game currency will not be issued. Invite your friends: help the server - and he will help you.
Brief description of the server:
  • Dynamic experience from x200 to x50;
  • Without a store, you can improve things (with certain conditions) obtained in the game;
  • The maximum number of resets is 150;
  • There are no waves (analogue of a grand reset);
  • BK/SM/ME get 500 stats each, MG/DL get 600 stats each (to calculate points you can use reset calculator);
  • BK/SM/ME will get 400/500/600 stats for each achievement stage - 30000 stats in total (20 achievements in 3 stages);
  • MG/DL will get 600/750/900 stats for each milestone - 45000 stats in total;
  • Points for completing quests - 40675 free points in total.

Now let's move on to the description of the server.
Tomato x200
MU Online Quests

Without store

Many players believe that excessive donation makes the gameplay uninteresting and monotonous - no sense of value in things obtained. We agree with this statement and therefore our main goal has become reducing the impact of donation. Clear, that it is impossible to remove it completely, and we do not strive for this. Moreover, we are very grateful to the players who help the development of the server. We are for a more moderate balance, thanks to which the gameplay will become more dynamic and varied each item will become more unique, and the trade in the market will be even richer.
Instead of the usual store, the site has developed 2 services, with the help of which the player will be able to improve things obtained in the game, but with certain restrictions (for example, take a thing and make it full will not be available immediately, and not all options will be available). Highlights: (the FAQ contains a more detailed description of the donate system):

  • There will be no shop, for credits you can add options (DD,REF,HP or DMG2%,RATE10%,LVL/20) item +11 level and above. The cost is determined dynamically depending on the value of the item;
  • You can also use credits to level up items from +11 to +13. You can increase the level of an item from 0 to +11 only in a game way;
  • There will be no named sets;
  • Methods of obtaining credits are standard:
  • Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Luck removed from the drop, perhaps it will be in some one-time events, auctions;

Gaining Experience

We decided to diversify the gameplay by introducing the ability to get the missing stats by completing quests and completing achievements. Let's describe in more detail:

  • Dynamic experience from x200 to x50;
  • The maximum number of resets is 150;
  • There are no waves (analogue of a grand reset);
  • BK/SM/ME get 500 stats, MG/DL get 600 (to calculate points you can use reset calculator);
  • BK/SM/ME will get 400/500/600 stats for each achievement stage, for a total of 30,000 stats (20 achievements in 3 stages);
  • MG/DL will get 600/750/900 stats for each milestone, for a total of 45,000 stats;
  • For completing quests (total 40675 free points):
    1. 22 quests, 25 points each, for a total of 550 points
    2. 22 quests, 50 points each, for a total of 110 points
    3. 22 quests, 75 points each, for a total of 1650 points
    4. 29 quests, 100 points each, for a total of 2900 points
    5. 22 quests, 125 points each, for a total of 2750 points
    6. 25 quests, 150 points each, for a total of 3750 points
    7. 27 quests, 175 points each, for a total of 4725 points
    8. 30 quests, 200 points each, for a total of 6000 points
    9. 26 quests, 225 points each, total 5850 points
    10. 28 quests, 250 points each, for a total of 7000 points
    11. 16 quests, 275 points each, for a total of 4400 points.
  • Cost of one reset = number of resets * 2kk zen;

achievements mu online

Other Features

  • The ability to change race in half of the resets, if there are at least 100 resets;
  • The first registration for the castle siege will begin one week after the server opens;
  • Castle siege once a week;
  • VIP account can be bought after the first siege (or after 2 weeks), the cost is 149 credits;
  • Restriction on the transfer of things in a trade with 4 or more options - remains;
  • Offline pumping is disabled, perhaps it will be introduced later.

For both servers, the launcher has the ability to play through a proxy. If the connection to the server in the standard way fails, then the proxy server will be automatically selected (you can turn off this behavior by unchecking the box next to the "Optional proxy" setting in the launcher).


Celebrating 12 years!

Published by 20.05.2022 16:50:13

Dear players, we congratulate you on the birthday of the server! We are 12 years old!
Unfortunately, we did not have time to roll out any interesting update due to the current situation. We also had to put on hold the opening of the new x200 server, whether it will be launched in the summer or closer to the fall has not yet been decided, but the fact that it will be launched is for sure, we will keep you posted!
Now we are dealing with the issue of organizing access to the server for players from Russia, because. some have to play through a VPN. But we did not leave you without gifts and prepared prizes, discounts and everyone's favorite quest to collect Snowflake!

  • All players will receive a VIP for 12 days starting today (if there is already a VIP, it will be extended);
  • Increased enchant percentage in Chaos Machine until June 12th. For items without varnish +10%, for items with varnish +5%;
  • Increased experience after the quest "Make a snowman" remains for 12 days;
  • The cost of all items in the store has already been reduced by 12% until June 12!
  • Until June 12, with the purchase of credits (or wmz), 12% as a gift!
  • From May 21, from 12:00, every 30-40 minutes, 120 promotional codes will be drawn with a discount from 5 to 12%. Promo codes provide discount on one item at store, enter the code on the shop page (near the "Buy" button). The promotional code cannot be "staken out", it will be considered used only in case of a real purchase. Promo code is valid until 21.06.2022;
  • From May 21 at 12:30, every 50-60 minutes, New Year will be given Box to a random player. From boxing you can get top sets (Valhalla, Dark Devil and others) starting from Dragon Knight, Venom, etc. or excellent weapons (Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, etc.) or Scroll of Fire Scream, Flame of Condor. Player nickname the prize winner is written in center of the screen. The prize will automatically appear in inventory, if there is room, otherwise it will fall under the character. Total will be donated 120 New Year Box. Players with less than 10 resets or who are offline, offline trading/leveling, or who have previously received a prize will not be able to receive a prize.

Let's make a snowman

In the center of Devias, near the Christmas tree, there will be a small snowman, when you click on it, you will get increased experience and zen from monsters for a period of 1 hour (a buff icon will appear on top). The bigger the snowman, the more experience and zen will be given. In order for the snowman to grow, you need to collect Snowflake, which drop from all monsters. The 100 most responsible and dedicated players will receive personal rewards from 150 WMZ to 20 Credits, in total 26700 Credits and 500 WMZ. In addition, if the server players manage to make a snowman above the Christmas tree before the end of the event, the server administration will issue an additional reward to all players in the form of a VIP account for 20 days.

  • The event will start from May 21, 10:00 to June 5, 23:59;
  • Your task is to collect (click on an item) as many Christmas stars as possible: Snowflake;
  • Snowflake collected statistics are displayed here;
  • You can steal from other players. No waiting time to pick up an item;
  • They are collected immediately, you will not see them in your inventory, so there is nothing to transfer in the trade;
  • Dropped everywhere, but the most popular drop location among players is Blood Castle, stock up on tickets!
  • When dropped by monsters, Snowflake has a stone sound, title text color highlighted in yellow;
  • When picking up an item in chat, the current percentage of bonus experience and zen will be displayed, the number grows from the number of items collected (this indicator is also shown on this page below).


Launching a new server x200!

Published by 12.02.2022 18:06:55

The launch of the new x200 server is scheduled for March18! All the details and features of the server will be described in early March.

In honor of Valentine`s Day, From February 14 from 18:00, every 30-40 minutes, the drawing will begin 40 promo codes with a discount from 7 to 14% . Promo codes provide discount on one item in the store, you need to enter the code on store page (near the "Buy" button). The promo code cannot be "staked out", it will be considered used only in the case of a real purchase. The promo code is valid until 01.03.2022 .

An update has also been prepared:

  • The game interface of achievements is implemented, opens in English. the letter K. Preparations are also underway for realization of prizes for achievements;
    achievements mu online
  • Now, for the passage of the wave, 50% of the prize in credits will be issued by a coupon for the purchase of things in the store for loans. The validity period of the coupon is 1 month (if the VIP account was at the time of passage, then 2 months). For example, the prize for the 1st wave is 1000 credits, now 500 will be a coupon and 500 credits as usual;
  • New spots have been added at locations such as: Atlans, Lost Tower, Tarkan, Icarus, Kantru 1, Kantru 2, Kantru 3. The changes are not final and I will still be corrected;
  • Fixed a bug where players with more than 100 resets could gain experience in a party while on the map Arena;
  • The option to reduce the glow of objects has been added to the anti-flag;
  • The /gz command has been returned. Now you can use the command with the addition of "k" after the digits, for example: /sz 20kk
  • On the minimap, when you hover over the spot, you can now see the drop of things that you will need in the system of sequential quests;
  • The possibility of distributing free points in Command for races other than DL is hidden;
  • The translation of the site into Latvian, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese is implemented. It is planned to add a system of offering the correct translation option for players who know one of the listed languages, for a fee in the form of credits . For example, circle the text on the site and in the popup in the offer the correct translation window, the number of credits will depend on the number of characters corrected and section on the site.
  • Improved protection against cheat programs;
Server restart is planned during the day.


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