Castle Siege

Schedule and information about the castle

Basic information
Guild castle owner: OneTop
King of the castle: KAMARO
Date of next siege: 07.11.2021 from 20:00 to 22:00 (by server)
Game store tax: 3%
Tax on translation credits on the website: 2%
Off-trade purchase tax per credits: 1%
Translation tax zen on the website: 3%
Off-trade purchase tax for zen: 2%
Credits in the castle: 22
Zen in the castle: 2,384,425,727

Registered guilds
# Guilds Master Sign of Lord Refused
1 NewEra TeamShot 0 No

The guild that successfully captured the castle owns it for 14 days, until the next siege.

Period name Beginning of period End of period
Registration of guilds for siege 1st day (Monday), 00:01 5th day (Friday), 23:59
Hand over Sign of Lord 7th day (Sunday), 00:01 9th day (Tuesday of the 2nd week), 22:00
Announcement of participants for the siege 11th day (Thursday of the 2nd week), 12:00 11th day (Thursday of the 2nd week), 18:00
Siege 14th day (Sunday of the 2nd week), 19:30 14th day (Sunday of the 2nd week), 21:00


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