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New quests and game interface!

Göndərilib 18.11.2023 21:23:54

New quests in Kalima We are glad to present you the next update of our game servers! More than 200 new quests await you in this update, new game interface, as well as expanded maps!
  • Added over 200 new sequential quests for Kalima maps. We have reworked all Kalima cards, adding new spots and changing old ones. You can complete quests in Kalima after completing all tasks on the map Lost Tower. Quests in Kalima can be completed in parallel to the main quest line, for example, simultaneously in Tarkan and Kalima;
  • The Aida and Kantru Ruin maps have been expanded, and new spots have been added;
  • The game interface has been updated, it has become more compact, colorful and less noisy in terms of information. The interface is not available when playing at 800x600 resolution.
    If you wish, you can switch to the old game interface in the Launcher settings.
    Mu Online new game interface Mu Online new interface
  • Due to numerous requests from players, we are extending the Halloween Event by two weeks! Don't miss your chance to get Jack Pumpkinhead skin;
The updated interface will be available today. The remaining changes will be introduced in the middle of next week.



Göndərilib 02.11.2023 23:32:42

Mu Online Jack Pumpkinhead Today our game server celebrates Halloween!
We want to congratulate you on this terribly wonderful holiday and wish you an unforgettable transformation into a terrifying pumpkin!
In honor of the holiday, each player can participate in the Halloween Pumpkin collection and receive a special pumpkin skin - Jack Pumpkinhead!
In the center of Lorencia (130x117) there is a festive pumpkin, when you click on it you will receive increased experience and zen from monsters for a period of 3 hours (a buff icon will appear at the top). The larger the pumpkin, the more experience and zen will be given. In order for the pumpkin to grow, you need to collect Halloween Pumpkin, which drops from all monsters.

Mu Online Halloween
  • To receive a personal skin, you need to collect 500 Halloween Pumpkin within 14 days, starting from 03.11.2023 00:00 to 20.11.2023 23:59;
  • If desired, the skin can be switched between your main and special one: to do this, use the /jack command. To reset the skin, you need to re-login or use the /skin command;
  • The Jack Pumpkinhead skin will be available for 1 year - until next Halloween - but only for those who collect the required number of pumpkins;
  • The number of pumpkins you have collected will be displayed in the chat after collecting the next pumpkin;
  • Each pumpkin is counted only once, directly when it is picked up (transferring it in a trade will not give anything);
  • The skin does not work on the Valley of Loren castle map, as well as on some others;
  • Halloween Pumpkin can be stolen from other players. No waiting time for picking up an item;
  • The ability for game masters to display skins has been removed.
We also made a small update:
  • For every 15 bronze/silver/gold achievements you will receive +1 storage chest, in total you can have 6 in-game chests: 2 standard chests, 1 VIP and 3 for achievements;
  • The prize for achieving murder and death can only be received after reset 10;
  • For achieving trade credits and zen, prize items are not awarded;
  • Now you can give a name to your offtrade store; the ending (Zen) or (Credits) will be automatically added at the end;
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to teleport to Barracks with less than level 350.
The servers are scheduled to be restarted on November 3, 2023 during the day.


Prizes for achievements

Göndərilib 15.10.2023 15:06:35

We continue to develop your favorite server with us! We prepared an update, it included both new items and what was done earlier, but was not published on the site.
  • We made a prize item for each completed achievement (bronze, silver, gold). The better the achievement, the cooler the item.
    On Pickle x1000, to receive a prize you must press the "GET REWARD" button again.
    On Tomato x100, in order to receive a prize, you need to make a reset, then you will have access to the "GET REWARD" button.
    List of prize items, depending on the achievement level.
    • Bronze:
      Sets: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Dark Master, Hurricane;
      Weapon: Knight Blade, Platina Wing Staff, Albatross Bow, Shining Scepter, Sword Dancer;
    • Silver:
      Sets: Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Glorious, Valiant;
      Weapon: Knight Blade, Platina Wing Staff, Albatross Bow, Shining Scepter, Sword Dancer;
    • Gold:
      Sets: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylpid Ray, Sunlight, Volcano;
      Weapon: Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, Syphid Ray Bow, Solay Scepter, Explosion Blade;
      Shields: Chaos Dragon Shield, Grand Soul Shield, Elemental Shield.
  • Bonuses for newbies! Increased experience up to 20 resets. Gradual decrease in experience by 5% at each reset: +100% experience at reset 0, up to 5% experience at reset 19;
    An initial 2000 stats are also given with a drop of 100 stats for each reset: for the second reset there will be 1900, for the third - 1800, etc.;
  • We have increased the experience gained in Devil Square by 50%. This was done to popularize the event;
  • Fixed automatic repair of things while using the clicker;
  • Betting on offexp with an open Personal Store is now allowed. It is convenient to leave a message in the name of the store (for example, “auto party on L”);
  • Fixed a bug in which a player, while in a party, could go to Barracks using Follow, without having 3 professions;
  • Now at the Christmas Hunt, not only the winning team receives prizes, but also the losing team. The upper values for receiving a prize have been changed.
    Also, for the Christmas Hunt, credits are now immediately awarded instead of rare tickets.
    The winning team:
    • Those who collect more than 150 points will receive 30 Shop Credits on Tomato x100 or 40 Credits on Pickle x1000;
    • Those who collect more than 120 points, but less than 150 will receive Box of Kundun +5;
    • Those who collect more than 90 points, but less than 120 will receive Box of Kundun +4;
    • Those who collect more than 60 points but less than 90 will receive Box of Kundun +3;
    • Those who collect more than 30 points but less than 60 will receive Box of Kundun +2;
    Losing Team:
    • Those who collect more than 150 points will receive Box of Kundun +3;
    • Those who collect more than 120 points, but less than 150 will receive Box of Kundun +2;
    • Those who collect more than 90 points, but less than 120 will receive Box of Kundun +1;
  • We have slightly changed the balance distribution formula for TvT and Christmas Hunt. Dependence on things has been increased, and dependency on points has been reduced. In general, we will look at the situation and change in the right direction, without rebooting the server;
  • You can now set a personal ban on private messages (mut) from annoying players.
    Command /mute [Character nickname], for example, /mute Player1.
    To unlock the command /unmute [Character nickname]. After the server is restarted, the mute settings are reset.
  • Now a player who has received a chat block (not to be confused with a personal mute) cannot write private messages to anyone;
  • Now, when you try to write a private message to another player, if he is not in the game or you have the wrong nickname, an error will appear (previously it did not exist and it was not clear whether the character was in the game or not);
  • Added command /leader [Character Nickname] to transfer the Party of the leader;
  • Fixed random teleports from Kantru Remain to Barracks;
  • Fixed the accrual of Blood Castle Gate & Statues in Achievements. Previously, it was calculated based on the last hit, and not the maximum damage;
  • Voting at the top now gives 6 Credits instead of 4;
  • The siege on Tomato x100 now lasts 1 hour, instead of 2. The siege time has been changed from 20:00 to 21:00 server time.
Pickle x1000 will be restarted tomorrow.
Tomato x100 will restart on 10/17/2023 after 19:00.


Opening of the new Mu Online Tomato x100 server!

Göndərilib 28.07.2023 18:01:48

Tomato x200
Opening of Tomato x100 with dynamic experience up to x25 will take place on August 25 at 18:00!
You can already test your server login by creating a character and staking your favorite nickname (don't try to create known current nicknames of players from x1000 - nickname will be returned to the owner upon request). After creating a character, you can receive 12 Credits per day by voting on 3 tops MMOTOP, MMOANONS, MOUNTY and specifying the nickname of the created character, credits will already accumulate before the server opens, so feel free to vote!

Reset system and alternative getting points

You will have the opportunity to receive points not only for resets, but also by completing quests and completing achievements. Given previous experience, some players have focused on quest system and with 0 reset (while the rest had 20-30 resets) were in the top 5 in terms of the number of stats. Other players combined the quest system and pumping. Which strategy you choose is up to you.
  • The maximum number of resets is 150;
  • BK/SM/ME get 500 points, MG/DL get 600 (you can use reset calculator to calculate points);
  • Getting free points for completing achievements:
    • BK/SM/ME will receive 400/500/600 points for each achievement stage, for a total of 30,000 points (20 achievements in 3 stages);
    • MG/DL will receive 600/750/900 points for each milestone, for a total of 45,000 points.
  • For completing consecutive quests you will receive 40675 free points:
    1. 22 quests, 25 points each, for a total of 550 points
    2. 22 quests, 50 points each, for a total of 1100 points
    3. 22 quests, 75 points each, for a total of 1650 points
    4. 29 quests, 100 points each, for a total of 2900 points
    5. 22 quests, 125 points each, for a total of 2750 points
    6. 25 quests, 150 points each, for a total of 3750 points
    7. 27 quests, 175 points each, for a total of 4725 points
    8. 30 quests, 200 points each, for a total of 6000 points
    9. 26 quests, 225 points each, total 5850 points
    10. 28 quests, 250 points each, for a total of 7000 points
    11. 16 quests, 275 points each, for a total of 4400 points.
  • Cost of one reset = number of resets * 2kk zen;
achievements mu online

Grand Reset System

For grand resets, special GRP (Grand Reset Points) are awarded, which can be spent in GR shop. Grand Reset can be full or partial, for a full GR you need 150 resets. For a full grand reset, 300 GR Points is awarded. The player has the option to make a partial grand reset, with a reduction of 25, 50 or 75 resets, but GRP correspondingly less. Partial GR will be handy for those who want to stay strong to participate in sieges and other server events. For GRP you can buy:
  • 100 GRP - pre top set item +11 +FO
  • 150 GRP - top set item +10 +FO
  • 200 GRP - pre top weapon +11 +FO
  • 300 GRP - top weapon +10 +FO
  • 450 GRP - gold fenrir
  • 150 GRP - ring +rate +dd +ref +hp
  • 200 GRP - pendant +exc rate +lvl/20 +2% +life regen
Also a full Grand Reset gives 10'000 initial remaining points after the 1st GR (subsequent GR +10'000) and others rewards, which are described in more detail in FAQ.
Items from the GR Shop (except rings and necklaces) can be improved by leveling up on the site, starting from +10 (for all other items, the leveling rule is from +11).
MU Online Quests

Improve things

There are 2 services on the site, with the help of which the player will be able to improve things obtained in the game, but with certain restrictions (for example, take a thing and make it full will not be available immediately, and not all options will be available). Highlights:

  • For Credits you can add options (DD, REF, HP or DMG2%, RATE10%, LVL/20) item +11 level and above. The cost is determined dynamically depending on the value of the item;
  • Also available level up items from +11 to +13. Increasing the level of a thing from 0 to +11 is possible only in a game way;
  • Level 3 Wings can be upgraded by leveling up, starting at +9. You can't add options to wings;
  • Methods of getting credits:
    • referral system, for every friend reset you will get 8 credits, your friend will get 4 credits;
    • for daily voting on 3 tops (create a character in the game and specify his nickname, credits will accumulate before the server is opened), you can get 12 Credits per day: MOUNTY, MMOTOP, MMOANONS;
    • for completing consecutive quests in the game;
    • offline trading in game;
    • participation in contests hosted by QM;
    • top up your account using payment systems Visa/MC, PayPal, YooMoney, Interkassa (Visa/MC, Bitcoin, USDT, etc.) .).
  • Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Luck removed from the drop, perhaps it will be in some one-time events, auctions;
The FAQ contains a more detailed description of the donate system.

Other updates

On Tomato x100:
  • An alliance can only be made with one guild;
  • There can be no more than 25 (30 DL) characters in a guild;
  • The rating of characters TOP 100 is sorted by the total number of points (the DL command is not taken into account). If pure points are the same, then by resets, then by level;
Changes for Pickle and Tomato:
  • It is allowed to use offline boost, main features:
    • Only 1 character can be placed from one computer;
    • 8 hours of offline continuous boosting are available for a regular account and 12 hours for a VIP account. After the time expires, the player will be kicked out of the game
    For more information on using offexp, see FAQ.
  • Fixed a bug where Mystical Soldier might not appear on the server. Also, the event will be additionally held at 18:30.
    Guards now drop Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Soul.
    Recall that the boss with the soldiers appears in the nearby area around one of the cities: Lorencia, Devias, Noria.
    From this boss you can knock out Jewel of Mystical, which pumps jewelry with a 100% chance;
  • Ancient items will be added to the quest system instead of magics. This will slightly reduce the monopoly of the owners castle for Ancient loot (in Chaos Castle you can also knock out Ancient);
  • Increased the drop rate of Stone of Condor from the Kundun Box;
  • Increased number of golds;
    • +1 - 4
    • +2 - 4
    • +3 - 3
    • +4 - 3
    • +5 - 2
    • +6 - 2
    • +7 - 1
  • Fixed "runaway" from the spot when the clicker is on;
  • In the clicker, the cursor movement speed has been increased;
  • It is planned to slightly increase HP for MG;
  • Fixed a bug that could teleport to Barracs from Kantru or TvT events;
  • Improved visual effects for some mobs, added sound effects.

Other features

  • The ability to change race in half of the resets, if there are at least 100 resets;
  • The first registration for the castle siege will begin one week after the server opens;
  • Castle siege once a week;
  • VIP account can be bought after the first siege (or after 2 weeks), the cost 199 credits.


We are 13 years old!

Göndərilib 18.05.2023 11:40:55

Congratulations to everyone on the server's birthday! We are 13 years old! We have prepared a small update, as well as gifts, discounts, promo codes and everyone's favorite quest to collect Snowflake!

  • The buff icons and remaining buff time for party members are now displayed.
    This is convenient during PvP or castle siege, when you can see who has what buffs and how soon they will disappear;

    Buf icon for party members Buf icon for party members
  • Fixed visual lag when using skills: Cyclone, Death Stab, etc. (all those skills that, when right-clicking the mouse, searched for the enemy automatically).
    Previously, it was not always visible how the character runs up and attacks, often it looked like he was hitting while running or, even worse, attacking without reaching you;
  • It is now possible to transfer items from the inventory to the trade and chaos machine by right-clicking the mouse.
    For NPC Jerridon, Osbourne, Pet Trainer, only one item is transferred and it can only be taken back by right-clicking;
  • Fixed damage display when turning the camera.

    Damage with 3D camera rotate
  • An NPC has been added to Lorencia for the duration of the Snowflake Gathering event to remove all kills from the Outlaws.
    Service to remove all kills (regardless of quantity) paid 1.9kkk zen + 1 Energy Fruit (other fruits are not suitable) .
    Energy Fruit can be brewed in Chaos Machine with Jewel of Creation + Jewel of Chaos.

    Atone for murder

Discounts, promotional codes and gifts

  • All players will receive a VIP for 14 days starting today (if there is already a VIP, it will be extended);
  • Increased enchant percentage in Chaos Machine until June 11th. For items without varnish +10%, for items with varnish +5%;
  • Increased experience after the quest "Make a snowman" remains for 14 days;
  • The cost of all items in the store has already been reduced by 10% until June 11th!
  • Until June 11, with the purchase of credits (or wmz), 10% as a gift!
  • From May 21, from 10:00, every 30-40 minutes, 70 promotional codes will be drawn with a discount from 5 to 10%.
    Promo codes provide a discount for one item in the store, you must enter the code on the store page (near the "Buy" button).
    Promo code cannot be "staken out", it will be considered used only in case of a real purchase. Promo code is valid until 18.06.2023;
  • From May 21st at 10:00, every 50-60 minutes, will be given a Happy Box to a random player.
    From boxing you can get top sets (Valhalla, Dark Devil and others) starting with Dragon Knight, Venom, etc. or excellent weapon (Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, etc.) or Scroll of Fire Scream, Flame of Condor.
    The nickname of the player who received the prize is written in the center of the screen.
    The prize will automatically appear in the inventory if there is room, otherwise it will fall under the character.
    Total 120 Happy Box will be donated. Players with less than 10 resets or who are offline, offline trade/leveling, or those who received the prize earlier will not be able to receive the prize;
  • The forum will host two auctions for coupons that provide the ability to set the desired options.< /li>

Collecting snowflakes

In the center of Devias, near the Christmas tree, there will be a small snowman, when you click on it, you will get increased experience and zen from monsters for a period of 1 hour (a buff icon will appear on top). The bigger the snowman, the more experience and zen will be given. In order for the snowman to grow, you need to collect Snowflake, which drop from all monsters. The 100 most responsible and dedicated players will receive personal rewards ranging from 300 WMZ to 50 Credits, in total, 25000 Credits and 1400 WMZ will be raffled off.

  • The event will start from May 21, 10:00 to June 4, 23:59;
  • Your task is to collect (click on an item) as many Christmas stars as possible: Snowflake;
  • Snowflake collected statistics are displayed here;
  • You can steal from other players. No waiting time to pick up an item;
  • They are collected immediately, you will not see them in your inventory, so there is nothing to transfer in the trade;
  • Dropped everywhere, but the most popular drop location among players is Blood Castle, stock up on tickets!
  • When dropped by monsters, Snowflake has a stone sound, title text color highlighted in yellow;
  • When picking up an item, the chat will display the current percentage of bonus experience and zen, the number grows with the number of items collected (this indicator is also shown on this page below).

100 prizes from 300 WMZ to 50 Credits


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