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Created: 22.09.2022

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About server

General information

  • The server has been running since May 21, 2010.
  • We not delete any items, you can come back in 3 years and see your favorite sword, once obtained from Kundun (if there is a complete wipe, then there is a possibility transfer your things to another of our servers).
  • Protection against speed hacks and types of dangerous cheats on the server and client side.
  • In October 2011, DDOS protection was installed.
  • Experience Gain Percentage:
    • On the server High - x1000
  • Maximum number of stats on the server Mu Online - 32 767.


Clicker Mu Online

Zen Clicker

Zen selection has been officially added to the game clicker (open the clicker in the game - F9 key). Besides Zen, the clicker can pick up other items allowed by us (list in the screenshot). The peculiarity of the clicker is that Zen are picked up within a radius of one cell from character (this is done on purpose). For ordinary players, the clicker will pick up Zen while in inventory will not accumulate 1.5kkk, the clicker will work again as soon as it becomes less than 1.5kkk in inventory. For VIP players there is no limitation (that is, up to 2kkk, 0.5kkk more);

Quests Mu Online

System of daily quests

Do small tasks every day, for example visit Blood Castle , Devil Square , Chaos Castle , do reset and get small prizes in the form Credits Shop . If you do not complete the task, then progress is reset on the first day.

  • 1 day - 1 Credits Shop
  • 2 days - 2 Credits Shop
  • 3 days - 4 Credits Shop
  • 4 days - 6 Credits Shop
  • 5 days - 8 Credits Shop
  • 6 days - 10 Credits Shop
  • 7 days - 12 Credits Shop
In total, you can get 43 Credits Shop per week.

Launcher Mu Online

Sequential quest system

Flexible quest system with a visual component, possible tasks: kill mobs, search for things (game items), collect items. The prize can be: an item with flexible settings (the number of options, the probability of Excellent options, Skill, Luck, the level of pumping from and to, etc.), a random item on the list (each class has its own list), experience, GEM, ZEN, Credits, etc. When you click on U, you can see a list of tasks when taking a quest from Quest Master.

Квесты Mu Online

Buff icons

At the request of the forum, we introduce the display of the available active buffs on the character, in the form icons in the upper left corner. The buff can be from the lord for damage, from the warrior for increased HP, from magician for additional protection, etc. As soon as the duration of the buff expires, the icon disappears.

HP bar Mu Online

HP bar

All monsters display HP bar. By default, the display is off, for enable / disable press the Del key. This function will be useful when hike bosses.

Damage Mu Online

Display of Damage, HP, Mana, SD, AG and Exp

The readings of the following character properties have been corrected: damage (Damage), health (HP), mana, SD, AG and experience given for killing monsters. For example, before the maximum damage display was 65,535, everything that was more than this value was counted from zero. Now it is displayed as it is, if the damage was 120,000, then it will be displayed (similar to HP, Mana, AG, SD).

PvP Event Mu Online

Devias Arena

Coliseum Battle has been moved from Magma to Devias. In Deviase a small rectangular field enclosed by a fence. An information bar has been added at the top left corner that displays the number of murders, deaths, event time. The essence of the event remained the same: kill everyone. A record of the character's victories is kept.

TvT Event Mu Online

Team vs Team Battle

A new version of the event was developed, from the series Magma Events , title which is given: Team vs Team (TvT). The event takes place on a converted map Magma. The essence of the event: participants are divided into teams of equal strength, which are separated from each other, after a few minutes the battle begins, can win only one of two teams. Prizes are awarded to the survivors of the winning team. Underway accounting of victories and kills of opponents.

Arena Mu Online

Quest Map

Quest map, as an addition to the Arena map, for various game activities, such as horse races.

Party Mu Online

Party Recovery

This function will be useful if you are in a party and you have a break connections to the server , then when you enter the game you will automatically be restored to the party, provided if:

  • Party will not be full (5 participants);
  • no more than 60 minutes have passed since the connection was disconnected;
If the Party Master breaks the party, or his connection to the server breaks, then the new the party master becomes the next one in the list (in the second position from the top).

System Recconect Mu Online

Reconnect System

A reconnect system was implemented. This function restores the connection to the server if your character is disconnected due to the provider or data center. You are automatically restored to the party you were in. But, we want to note, if the gap occurred due to the server shutdown or its sudden shutdown, it will restore only those who are online (but without a party already), in other words, offtraders and characters who are on offline pumping will not restore back.

Experience Mu Online

Average and total experience per minute

Added the ability to track the average and total experience for a monster in the game interface. the last minute of pumping, as well as calculating the time to the next level with the current pumping. Now become it is easier to determine which spot and which skill to swing better by looking at the total experience in one minute, or check the correct operation Party systems by looking at the average experience gained.

Ancient Harmony Mu Online

Harmony options on Ancient items

For Ancient things the opportunity is allowed installation and pumping Harmony options (in including the option Damage Decrease up to 4%).
Coin Pack Mu Online

Packing stones, coins

Packing coins x10, x20, x30, as well as the ability to pack / unpack them in the game interface. The same goes for stones, packing / unpacking is located in the game interface:
Coin Pack Mu Online Coin Pack Mu Online
Launcher Mu Online

New launcher

A new launcher has been developed, now NET.Framework is not required. The camera is integrated by default, but turned off in the game (it can be turned on at F10).

Launcher Mu Online

Enhanced graphics

For fans of a more saturated picture, added the ability to increase the brightness of the glow of objects in the game, as well as better anti-aliasing. The settings are conveniently displayed in the new launcher.

Системы оплаты Mu Online

Payment systems

Possibility of automated payment, without administration involvement via PayPal, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Interkassa (Visa, MC, QIWI, etc.). Account funding .

QM Masters Management System

The system for managing QM masters through the site allows you to flexibly recruit, monitor, pay salaries, display lists of winners, regulate available rights, etc. Detailed description of the system .

Happy Zen Event

Every hour at 00:15, 01:15, 02:15, etc. Zen drop from monsters is doubled! The duration of the event is 10 minutes.

Cash Shop

A lot of interesting things can be purchased for play money, GEM Points, in the Cash Shop (in-game store). You can open it by pressing the "X" key while in the safe zone (safe zone) of one of the cities: Devias, Lorencia, Noria.

Mystical Soldier Invasion

This is a landing in one of the initial locations (Lorencia, Devias, Noria) - a lot of guards and a boss, if you win, who can give you a jewel for sharpening jewelry ( Jewel of Mystical ).

Golden Archer

NPC Golden Archer (Lorencia 130x126), who will exchange 5 Rena for packs of stones (Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of life, Jewel of Chaos) Rena drops from the Box of Luck, which can be obtained from monsters: Golden Vepar (GoldLizardKing guard), Golden Wheel (Golden Tantallos guard), Golden Soldier (guard Golden Titan), Golden Budge (mini golden dragon).