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FAQ - Useful information about Mu Online

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Crywolf Date last modified: 26.03.2023

Balgass Army Crywolf is a stronghold located southeast of Valley of Loren. Here the battles of the alliance of humans and elves with the large army of Kundun take place. The fortress is ideally located on hilly terrain for its defense, so it is a key strategic area.
Kundun ordered his army under the command of Balgass to capture the fortress so that he could break through to the server.
Any character who has reached level 10 can take part (Dark Lord and Magic Gladiator can take part in the defense by reaching level 7).
You can get on the Crywolf card:
  • From the map Valey of Loren at coordinates 161 41;
  • Via the teleportation menu by pressing the 'M' key;
  • Command /move crywolf in chat.
Crywolf Battle Information
  • Balgass and his army start attacking the fortress every Friday at 21:00;
  • A message in the GM chat will notify all players about the beginning of the battle (a flashing gold message in the center of the screen);
  • Duration of the battle - 30 minutes;
  • At the beginning of the battle, the peaceful zone in the fortress becomes combat;
  • Characters will be prohibited from using the Personal Store and NPCs for the duration of the battle. Also, the characters will not be able to attack each other;
  • If a hero dies during a battle, he will be resurrected in a peaceful area of the Crywolf map;
  • The goal of the battle is to protect the statue of the Holy Wolf from destruction and kill Balgass
Statue of the Holy Wolf
This statue is a creation of the ancient elves and is huge in size and has incredible power, which allows you to hold back the army of Kundun.
She is also the target of Balgass and his army - the destruction of the statue will allow him to take over the fortress of Crywolf. Therefore, players must protect her with all their might and prevent Balgass from reaching his goal.
Statue of Holy Wolf
Around the statue of the Holy Wolf are 5 altars, which are designed to increase the strength of the statue at the expense of the energy of the elves.
Altar All Altar Altar Ready
For Balgass, the altars are the initial target, because once they are destroyed, the statue loses its defensive abilities. To be successful in battle, the players and, not least, the elves must put a lot of effort into protecting the statue. If at the beginning of the battle no altar is attached to the elf, then the battle is automatically considered lost.
The role of elves in battle
Altar with elf The elves in this battle have one of the most important roles - to increase the protection of the statue at the expense of their energy. To do this, up to five characters Muse Elf/High Elf can join each of the altars.
When the elf is successfully attached to the altar, the character will not be able to perform any actions. Any movement, attack, or death of the character will break the connection to the altar.
No more than two attempts to stand on each altar are allowed. To do this, the players have two minutes before the start of the battle.
The life force of the statue is increased by the health of each of the attached elves. That is, the more elves stood on the altars, the more health the statue has. If the health of the elf that is on the altar decreases during the battle, the health of the statue also decreases.
Battle progress
Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf Crywolf
Dark Elf Before Balgass starts attacking the statue, his army tries to weaken the defense by attacking the characters that are participating in the battle. To do this, he sent his troops led by twelve Dark Elves.
The task of the players during the first battle is to kill all the Dark Elves in order for Balgass to launch the attack himself.
After Balgass's entire army is destroyed, there is nothing left for him to do. how to attack a fortress alone. Therefore, in the last 5 minutes before the end of the battle, Balgass comes to the statue and tries to complete his evil intent.
Balgass has a lot of dangerous spells in his arsenal that can cause a lot of problems for the defenders of the fortress. One of these is the mass freezing of players (Stern).
Balgass' health will be displayed in the upper left corner below the statue's health. When the health level reaches zero, Balgass is considered defeated, and the defense of the fortress is successful. If Balgass is not defeated within the last five minutes, then the battle is considered lost.
Victory Conditions
  • There are 1 or more altar left and the statue of the Holy Wolf is protected.
  • Balgass is defeated.
Death Conditions
  • By the start of the battle, not a single elf stood on the altar.
  • All altars are destroyed and contact is not maintained until the end of the battle.
  • Balgass is not defeated by the end of the battle.
Crywolf The reward for the successful defense of the fortress will be:
  • individual prizes in the form of top Excellent-things;
  • additional experience (excluding experience from killed monsters), which depends on the number of players who took part in the defense;
  • various prizes, depending on the number of Kill-Points received by the player;
  • Additional Kill-Points to whoever delivers the final blow;
  • Additional Kill-Points and Jewel of Bless to those elves who were in contact with the altar by the end of the battle.
Rewards are given at the end of the battle, so those who teleported out of the Crywolf map before the end of the battle will not receive a reward.
Монстр Kill-Points
Balgass 7000
Dark Elf 3000
Balista 1000
Soram 700
Balram 600
Death Spirit 600
Kill-Points Класс Опыт
0-1000 D 0
1001-3000 C 10 000 000
3001-5000 B 40 000 000
5001-10000 A 60 000 000
Больше 10000 S 90 000 000
Server changes
Depending on the outcome of the battle (victory or defeat), some changes take place on the server, aimed at making the game easier or more difficult on the server, respectively.
Victory Defeat
  • The health of all monsters on the server (except for the Land of Trial map) will be reduced by 10%;
  • Kundun's life restoration ability will not work;
  • When crafting tickets in the Chaos Machine, the chance of success is increased by 10%.
  • All NPCs will be removed from the Crywolf map. The city's peaceful zone will turn into a combat one;
  • The chance of gems dropping on the entire server will decrease;
  • Server experience will be reduced.

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