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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x100

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Pickle x1000

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Welcome to Pickle x1000 server shop!

Here you can buy items with various options, for credits or WMZ. Select a category!
Items with 4 or more options cannot be transferred.
You can exchange WMZ for credits here

Only up to 11.06.2023 23:59:00 the cost of all items has already been reduced by 10%!
Only up to 11.06.2023 23:59:00, with a donation of any amount, 10% for free!
To display your current account of credits and wmz, discounts and making purchases, you need to go to your account panel!
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Items for DK/BK/BM
Items for DW/SM/GM
Items for FE/ME/HE
Items for DL/LE
Items for MG/DM
Other items


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