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Created: 22.09.2022

Tomato x200

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Tomato x200 to x50 with dynamic experience is now open!
Hurry up to try out getting points for quests, achievements and resets, as well as collect things without a store!

Allowed auto-pickup of jewels

Published by 06.10.2022 17:26:23

  • So, it happened! On MURRED, now auto-assembly of jewels, excellent/ancient things and parts for wings is allowed. Auto-selection is built into the game clicker. We conducted an analysis on other servers and decided that in the current realities, not many people have the opportunity to sit near the monitor 24/7, the selection of stones does not affect the balance in PvP. The game clicker is now called Helper.

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • Preset mouse cursor movement options have been added to Helper: Spot and Blood Castle. You can also save your own version of the movement. For these variations to work (Spot, BC or your own), you need to disable the "random mouse movement" setting;

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • Fixed MG "running away" from the spot when the clicker is enabled;
  • Also in Helper: The default choice of Attack Skill Slot is 1 instead of 0 (First Spell/Second Spell/Third Spell on 1/2/3). Added information on how to enable the clicker;

    Mu Auto Clicker, Helper
  • The opportunity is open VIP purchases (it is exactly the same as given in the quest system);
  • Now when you turn off the 3D camera, it does not reset. Reset as before via F11;
  • Fixed elf reset, now from level 395;
  • Replaced some necessary things in the quest system. Previously, Ashcrow and Eclipse were used, which were improved long ago and no longer fall into Tarkan and Icarus;
  • Added spots in Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Dungeon for the convenience of completing quests;
  • Offexp is in development. The readiness period is 1-2 weeks.
You need to close all windows and update through the launcher.


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