Adding an IP address to the allowed list

In DDOS attacks, our filter is triggered, which blocks the IP address of the infected computer (the bot's IP is placed in the blacklist). Unfortunately, the bot's IP address and your may match, so you may not be able to access the site and game servers. In order to be able to access the site and game servers, you need to add your IP address to the list of allowed ones. You will not be able to do this yourself, because the site will be unavailable to you, so you should ask your friends or other players on the forum to add your IP to the white list. Only authorized users can add to the list (you need to log in to the site using your username).

Your action:
  • Ask a friend for his (not your own) IP address (there is a special website for this http://showip.net/).
  • Enter its IP address here.
Friend's IP address (example:

Numbers from the image


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