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Offer Agreement

Offer Agreement

The User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement", regulates the relations between the administration of the resource located on the Internet at , hereinafter referred to as the "Administration", as well as the online multiplayer game "MU Online" related to the specified website, which includes a website, a forum and a server for playing MU Online, hereinafter referred to as the "Game Portal", and by the user of the Game Portal - you, hereinafter referred to as the "User". Please note that the beginning of using the services of the Gaming Portal means the unconditional consent of the User to the Agreement. This Agreement may be amended by the Administration without any prior notice by publishing the latest version of the Agreement. The User undertakes to check the Agreement for changes at least once every seven days.

Acceptance of the terms of the user agreement

Creating an account and using the service and services means your full consent to all the terms of the user agreement listed below, as well as consent to the collection, storage and use of your information, as specified in the privacy statements. The Administration reserves the right to deny the user access to the service and services without notice, in case the User violates the terms of this Agreement. You agree that the Administration reserves the right to terminate the provision of services or change their content at any time, with or without notifying the user, and is not responsible for this.

Terms of the agreement

The Administration has the right to close or restrict access at any time without prior notice to the User. In case of violation of this Agreement by the user, the Administration, at its sole discretion, has the right to close access to the service. If the Administration closes and/or restricts access to the account, the User will no longer have access to the account. The User does not have the right to demand compensation for virtual funds and the service of purchased services during the use of the service.

Terms of Use

The Game Portal is a demo and has no relation to the official WebZen servers. If you want to play the full version of the game, then you need to go to the official WebZen servers. The Game Portal is not used for commercial purposes or for profit. All accounts, characters, game items, and actions performed on the Game Portal are the exclusive property of the Game Portal.

User responsibility

If, in accordance with the laws of your state, you are prohibited from receiving gaming services on the Internet (online) or there are other legal restrictions, including age restrictions on access to such services, you are not entitled to use the Gaming Portal or individual services within the Game, and you undertake to immediately stop using the Gaming Portal. The User undertakes to comply with the terms of the Agreement, and is also responsible for any action performed on the Game Portal. In some cases, the Administration has the right to transfer data about a User who violates this Agreement or the current legislation to law enforcement agencies.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances will the Administration and the Game Portal be liable to Users or third parties for any indirect, accidental, non-intentional damage. Including lost profits or lost data caused in connection with the use of the services, their contents or other materials to which the User has gained access, even if the Administration of the Gaming Portal has warned or indicated the possibility of such harm. The subsequent limitation of liability is fully implemented by law. By using the services, the User agrees that the Administration and the Game Portal are not responsible for harm to honor, dignity, business reputation or other illegal actions of third parties, etc.

Disclaimer of warranties

By using the services of the Gaming Portal, the User agrees that he is personally responsible. Except in cases established by the current legislation. The administration or its representatives are not responsible to any third parties for the costs caused by using the services, the absence of any guarantees, both expressed and not expressed. Including, but not limited to, guarantees of the quality of the services, their suitability for a particular purpose and non-infringement of intellectual property rights, reliability, competence, usefulness and timeliness of the provision of services. The administration is not responsible for the correctness and accuracy.

Virtual currency and services

The services of the Gaming Portal may include the possibility of acquiring virtual internal currency as well as virtual internal services using legal means of payment. You can use these options if you have reached the full age of majority in the country of permanent residence. All virtual currency and services are non-refundable unless otherwise decided. You do not acquire personal rights to the virtual services and/or currency that you purchase. The administration has full control over all virtual currency and services. At any time, with or without prior notice, may change the value of the virtual currency and the virtual currency itself at its sole discretion without any additional obligations.

Refund and compensation

The Gaming Portal does not pay compensation. Except for the limited, revocable, non-transferable use of virtual currency and services, you do not have full rights to the above-mentioned currency and services. If your account has been blocked or you do not have access to it, as well as at the sole discretion of the Administration, or if the Administration has stopped granting the right to use the Services, the virtual currency and the purchased services will be lost. The Administration has full control over the virtual currency and services, and at any time, with or without prior notice, may change and/or cancel the virtual currency and/or services at its sole discretion, the Administration is not responsible to you or others for such actions.

Intellectual property rights

All ownership and intellectual property rights in relation to the Game Portal, including any innovations, as well as other rights, belong to the Game Portal and their respective owners. By using the services, you do not receive any copyrights to the intellectual property of the Gaming Portal. Any use of intellectual property that goes beyond the scope of the services can be carried out only if there is a written agreement from the Administration of the Gaming Portal.

General information

The administration provides services around the clock and daily, as well as provides users with consulting support. Administration services are provided free of charge, unless otherwise specified. The Administration reserves the right to change the pricing policy at any time. The user agrees, understands and accepts that the game is not a gambling game, a game for money, a contest or a bet. Making donations to the server is the will and desire of the User, and not a necessary or mandatory condition for participating in the game and the gameplay. The user gives his consent to informational and technical mailing lists to the e-mail specified in the registration.

Terms of the agreement

This User Agreement is an integral part of the in-Game Agreement on the Game Portal website. The User undertakes to check the Agreement for changes at least once a week. Disagreement with even one of the points of these rules prohibits the use of the Game Portal. The rules are provided and mandatory for every User of the Gaming Portal, regardless of whether he is registered or not.

Final position

This Agreement between the User and the Game Portal determines the procedure for using the service and services of the Game Portal. Cancels all other agreements, both oral and written, between the User and the Game Portal regarding this use.

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